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Repat Travel services - helping you get home safely

Home has never felt so far away - until now

Since the global pandemic, the simple freedom of unhindered travel and finding your way back home has become seemingly impossible. Red tape and business closures have effectively shut travel bridges, stranding people in places they’d prefer not to be. Frustrations are high, associated costs have soared and for many home has never felt so far away.


Introducing Repat Travel.
The experts who can bring you home.


Repat Travel understands this current situation better than most. We’re a business, born from the pandemic, that has seen the despair delivered by failed repatriation efforts and those caught up in their want to travel home, be it from overseas or across a country. If you're someone or know someone who needs assistance with repatriation or a safe travel passage, Repat Travel can assist. 

We were established to provide specialist travel support for those seeking to return home from overseas or those who need to leave Australia due to extenuating circumstances. Be it yourself, a family member or a colleague, we have the expertise  and processes in place that have seen us safely bring people back home. We can do this for you.

I set up Repat Travel with my own heart in my hand. As a career travel agent the safe passage and the wonderful experience of assisting people get where they want to go is my passion. I’m now using this passion to assist and support travellers on one of the most difficult trips they’ll ever have to make.

James Warne

You're in safe hands

Repat Travel will make you feel like we’re seated next to you on your journey home. Personal and professional service is what this travel process requires. You can rest assured the years of travel service experience we’ve garnered will supply a first class plan and repatriation.

You're not the first

Since the pandemic, Repat Travel has assisted a large number of travellers safely return home and avoid difficult travel situations. We’ve quickly formulated protocols and processes that makes our service work effectively, efficiently and as cost-effective as possible.

Inside travel industry intel

As an experienced travel advisory, Repat Travel has direct access to all travel service providers, governments and local embassies that now hold the cards and need to be liaised with to create your pathway home and to keep you safe from from future travel complications.


Here at Repat Travel we've quickly learnt the key protocols that must be adhered to travel in these new covid times. We've the intel that can guide you home safely.


Let us know about your situation

Call us directly on +61 2 2 9159 9828 or send us a email via our contact form below